Saturday, May 5, 2007

"Of Time and Stars" (collection): Annotated table of contents

Here is the complete list of all the 18 stories in this collection by Arthur C Clarke:

  1. "The Nine Billion Names of God": A certain Buddhist sect believes that the ultimate purpose of life is to spell all the nine billion names of God.
  2. "An Ape About The House" (B): A genetically modified female Chimpanzee, trained for house hold chores & babysitting, is purchased by a household. But she turns out to be more talented than the humans suspected.
  3. "Green Fingers"
  4. "Trouble with the Natives" (also called "Three Men in a Flying Saucer"): Humor. When aliens visited a little English village.
  5. "Into the Comet"
  6. "No Morning After"
  7. "If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth": All humans are dead after a nuclear war, & earth's surface is radio active. Only survivors are a small group of pioneers that were on moon at the time of the event. They must preserve the legend of earth.
  8. "Who's There?"
  9. "All the Time in the World"
  10. "Hide and Seek": A sole man is on the run on Phoboes, a Martian moon. He is being hunted by a well armed military unit. Will he be able to outwit his pursuers?
  11. "Robin Hood, FRS"
  12. "The Fires Within": A man begins exploring interior of earth. And dooms humanity's future.
  13. "The Forgotten Enemy": Coping with the next Ice Age.
  14. "The Reluctant Orchid": A murder gone wrong, because the novel weapon used was untested.
  15. "Encounter at Down": Aliens land on earths with intention to advance early humans technologically. But have to leave in a hurry, without helping.
  16. "Security Check"
  17. "Feathered Friend"
  18. "The Sentinel" (also called "Sentinel of Eternity"): Aliens watching the development of intelligent life on earth have left a beacon on moon.
PS: I haven't personally seen this book; list of stories above was picked up from the net. I include this collection here because it contains many stories I have reviewed from other collections; so I can point to this collection also from specific stories.

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