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"The Wind from the Sun" (collection): Annotated table of contents

Here is the complete list of all 18 stories in this collection:

  1. "The Food of the Gods" (B), Playboy, May 1964: Humor. A corporate FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) campaign.
  2. "Maelstrom II" (A); Playboy, April 1962: Thriller. A man on board a flyer destined to crash has only one option to survive - jump!
  3. "The Shining Ones"
  4. [novelette] "The Wind from the Sun" (A); "First published in Boy's Life, March 1964, as 'Sunjammer'"; racing: Solar sail power interstellar vehicle!
  5. "The Secret" aka "The Secret of the Men in the Moon" (B); "This Week", 11 August 1963: How to live 3 times longer?
  6. Time waster "The Last Command" (C); Bizarre! Mystery Magazine, November 1965: A cold war nuclear holocaust story where US completely decimates USSR.
  7. "Dial F for Frankenstein" (A); Playboy, January 1964: A monster of an AI is accidentally born!
  8. "Reunion" (B); Infinity #2, 1971: Long lost cousins of humanity are coming to earth for a reunion.
  9. [ss] "Playback" (A); Playboy, December, 1966: Reincarnation is not possible with a corrupt mind dump!
  10. "The Light of Darkness"
  11. "The Longest Science-Fiction Story Ever Told" aka “A Recursion in Metastories” (C): A recursive letter.
  12. "Herbert George Morley Roberts Wells, Esq" (C); If, December 1967: Who was the real author of "The Anticipator"?
  13. "Love That Universe" (B); Escapade, 1961: Humans in dire peril need to make first contact with aliens!
  14. "Crusade" (A), The Farthest Reaches, ed Joseph Elder, 1968: On a lonely cold world, evolution has produced an AI. And it's out on a crusade to free other AIs from their non-mechanical overlords (like humans).
  15. "The Cruel Sky"
  16. "Neutron Tide" (B); Galaxy, May 1970: Educational story, about how strong gravity gradient of a neutron star affects material.
  17. "Transit of Earth" (A), Playboy, January 1971: A man watches the transit of earth & moon on the disk of sun - from mars - during a rare alignment that happens once in 100 years. Tragic story - he is the sole man on mars, & about to die.
  18. [novella] "A Meeting with Medusa" (A); Playboy, December 1971: Exploring the upper atmosphere of Jupiter in a manned vehicle.
Fact sheet.
Tales of Ten Worlds, collection, review
Author: Arthur C Clarke
First published: 1972

PS: I haven't personally seen this book; list of stories above was picked up from the net. I include this collection here so I know the stuff I have not yet read.

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